Zero (Jacob Miles)

Assassin Zero

Created by Rojoneo
From Fable IV: Retold by Rojoneo
Fable Destiny (This series could not be found)
Appears in Fable IV: Retold, Fable Destiny
Biographical information
Species Human
Gender Male
Relatives Leo Miles (Ancestor)
Relationships Rene Kingston (Friend/ Ally)

Julie Dax (Love interest/ Ally)

Silver (Friend/ Ally/ Pet)

Connor Lionheart (Friend/ Ally)

Madison Parks (Friend/ Ally)

Kyle Blade (Friend/ Ally)

Seth Finn (Friend/ Ally)

Ginjer (Ally)

Enemies Reaver


Assassin Nero

Jack of Blades

Home Brightwood Tower
Status Alive


Appears in Fable IV: Retoldand Fable Destiny


All that is known about the Assassin Zero is that he's a member of the Assassin Brotherhood. Only his allies know his true name and appearance. It is known Zero is a hero and is a great ally to his friends. A Master Assassin, marksman, swordsman and a Will user: he is no hero his targets want to encounter.


Silent, Serious, Fearless, Brave


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