Created by Scorponix
From Fable: The Return by Scorponix
Appears in Fable: The Return
Biographical information
Species Human\Balverine
Gender Male
Home Hobbe City
Status Alive

The first and only man to survive an attack by The Balvorn. He then turned into the very first Balverine


As a Balverine: Very large, very pale-white. Aging facial features. Long, knife-like claws. Yellow, fiery eyes.

As a Man: Old, hunched over, beard that drags along the ground, pale skin, long silver hair.


A man from the kingdom before the Old Kingdom, while terrifying beasts still roamed the world in force. Woltach was the first and only man to survive an attack from the fearsome Balvorn. His wounds carried an infection that took control of his body, changing him into the first Balverine. His infection was born on a full moon, making his fur white and his body larger than that of the balverines that followed him.

Throughout the ages, he lived on as an immortal. His blood had been tainted by the Balvorn's venom and changed him to an ever-living man. By day he aged, and by night he changed into the monster he was. Woltach would move between various small villages, barely escaping the balverine hunters when his identity was revealed. About three hundred years prior to the triumph of the Hero of Oakvale, he was driven out of his village at the time and he ran into Darkwood. Upon finding a hidden door within the Chapel of Skorm, he delved into the underground and found himself in a small settlement of ghost-white pale hobbes. He became the hobbes' leader and built their small settlement into a thriving city.

In the Hero of Brightwood's old age, he meets Woltach in Hobbe City after finding himself deep underground. Woltach assists the Hero-King in finding his way back to the surface in hopes of continuing his quest. Woltach leads him out of the hidden door he found hundreds of years before, he gets the hero out moments before night falls and he turns into the giant White Balverine.

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