Vulture Lionheart
From Falcon's Flock by Garry Damrau
Biographical information
Species Archon
Gender Male
Relatives Father: Falcon Lionheart
Brother: Hawk Lionheart
Sister: Dove Lionheart



Out of all the royal children, Vulture is the most twisted, insidious one of them all. The young noble girls have always adored the boys in the family, even Bluejay and Crow have been whispered to be handsome. But the young ladies never talked about Vulture, He was strange, different, out of place. His hair was a deep black, so black it was sinister. His full brother is Hawk. He doesn't really talk much about Hawk at all showing little love for his brother. He is 16 now, he often can be seen on some roof top. His very slender body had made him a born assassin. Making him join the assassin corps, and he was glad he can rip out the throat of some bandit boss now. Along with those duties he often helps Eagle with his unit in taking down high profile targets...cough...cough the hooded man as well.


Twisted, insane, sinister, insidious. Very...deadly...

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