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Chapter 1: 10/02/2012

It was weeks ago when I explained that certain outstanding circumstances had halted the production of Chapter 1, and unfortunately, that still holds true now. Excuses aside; (editor fleeing the country to spend three months in America, new catalogue beginning at work, and general real life, i.e. new nephew on the way!) the publication date for this Chapter is few and far between. I'm taking my time in editing/re-writting what seems amiss, and because of this, its taking longer than expected. As a writer, I hate first chapters - always so difficult to start. But rest assured that it should be up (crosses fingers) by the end of the month! Happy reading, adventurers! Henry Winstone 08:12, February 10, 2012 (UTC)

Up-in-coming sequel to Siege of Samarkand!

Fable: Into the Woods is the planned sequel to Henry Winstone's Siege of Samarkand, set ten years after the events between King Richard and Da Zhong. It focuses on the king's son, Altair as he attends Brightwall Academy, but rumours fly like daggers in the sleepy village town. Their sister community, Albrighton, is seeing a rush in girl kidnappings. The superstituous villagers believe its the balverine in the neighbouring woods, drawn to the young girls with the red cloaks and sweet scented hair. Will Altair's logical thinking help unhinge the jaws around the village of Albrighton, or will he soon fall prey to the supersticious evil in the woods? Taking us back to the first Fable game, where sly remarks at classic fairytales were obvious to those who knew where to look, Henry Winstone re-invisions the Grimm Fairy Tales classic: Red Riding Hood, with a Fable flair. Scheduled for release after Siege of Samarkand later this year. Henry Winstone 08:40, February 10, 2012 (UTC)

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