Tools of the Trade
FableJourney Gauntlets of Force
Wild Predator Tamed for a Purpose
Series Diary of Falcon Lionheart by Garry Damrau
Chapter 7
Writer Garry Damrau(talk)
Editor(s) Restricted
Chapter Chronology
Previous The King of Blades
Next Armageddon
The King of Blades Chapter Chronology Armageddon

As the old saying goes "Don't bring a knife to a gunfight". So what weapons would my father need for his final battle? The Master and Legendary weapons that he had acquired up until this time were woefully inadequate for the task before him. The King of Blades was much too powerful to be vanquished by the arms in my father's arsenal. Even the weapons of the Triumvirate, if they could be acquired, would not be powerful enough. The answer to this question came from whom I would later meet myself, my father's guide Theresa.

While training for his battle, my father learned of an Archon named Hephaestus who was known as the "Blacksmith of the Gods". He lived on top of the highest mountain peak on the planet K-9 along with other Archons, who had become bored with life on OM and decided to live where they would be loved, adored, revered and feared as well. Using the heat and fire of the mountains 'volcanoes' he forged weapons worthy for a god to wield. For this reason some of the inhabitants of K-9 knew him as Volcan or Vulcan.

Aided by his guide Theresa, my father set off to visit this master craftsman. Although Hephaestus was supportive of my father's cause he explained that in order to craft the weapons capable of defeating the King of Blades, he would need him to provide the necessary materials to make them.

The sword was composed of silver encrusted with the gems that would augment the elemental Will forces to his attacks. Rubies would give it Fire damage, Diamonds would add Ice Storm to his attacks. Emeralds added Wind(Vortex), Pearls would add Water(Tsunami) and Topaz gave the sword Lightning(Shock).

The crossbow was forged from gold with Amethyst added for Blades, Obsidian(Jet) gave it Force Push, Opals provided Time Control, Sapphires added Chaos, and Bloodstones gave it Life Drain(Ghoul).

For his gauntlets Hephaestus told him that he needed Mystic Quartz for Aftertouch, Jade for Earth, Amber for Atrophy, and Watermelon Tourmaline would provide him with the remarkable spell called Nuclear.

After telling my father all of the gems he would need, Hephaestus added in afterthought, "Jasper, I almost forgot jasper. There is one more thing I need to make your weapons with. I need jasper." Sparrow responded, "I don't think my son's attendant knows anything about forging weapons, but I will ask him to assist you in any way possible." "Ha Ha Ha," laughed the great weapon maker. "You think I mean a person? I am speaking of the mineral jasper." They both had a great laugh about the irony of that and proceeded to eat and drink till the moon was high in the sky.

Samples of some of the rare gemsEdit


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