Tomorrows Just A Dream Away
Series Theresa: The Bandit Seer by Loopycx
Chapter Chronology
Chapter Chronology


The Sky was red. There was death. Lots of death. I couldn't make out the figures across from me. The leader aproched me. Huu. I awoke struggling to catch my breath. I was just a dream but I still feared the worst. The dreams I had the past nights came true but this one wasn't clear. I'll try to stay calm becuse it my birthday and everybody will try to make this perfect.Finally im ten. Mother and father got me an amulet its so beautiful but i was shocked when my brother gave me some chocolet his heart was as pure as gold there was good in him.

That night I awoke to find I was tied up. The Dream was real. I could hear the screames as my friends and their families were killed. I couldn't see my brother anywhere i hope he was lucky enought to get away. The bandits had our town in fear. There leader asked my mother where my brother was she swore she never knew. Then he aproched me. He aske the same questions. was it the fear or just the fact I could be bothered to deal with scum like them but i didn't answer. He asked again and I just streared. Slash! I held my face in pain as i was dragged away. I was blind they had took out my eyes. I tried to get up and walk away but the pain was unbearable. I Just Lie there and slept.

Whilst i slept i saw where i was. In a forest. I saw my self crawl to a near by camp.

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