The Shadow Court
Created by Lionhead Studios
From Rise of the Shadows by Boredfan1
A court of shadow beings from The Void that desire worship the worship of "lesser" beings such as Humans.
Leader(s) King of Blades
Notable Members Shadow Blades
Hero Blades
Queen of Blades
Jack of Blades
Knight of Blades
Cornelius Grim
Founder(s) King of Blades
Queen of Blades
Affiliation Albion
The Old Kingdom
Headquarters The Shadow Court in Wraithmarsh
Purpose To rule over Albion and the rest of the world as it's gods.
Status Alive


Not much is really known about the the Shadow Court, only that hundreds of years before the Hero of Bowerstone was born, the Hero of Skill that calls himself Reaver made a deal with The Shadow Court for immortality, sacrificing his lover and his hometown for it. Oakvale merges with a nearby region under the control of The Court as Wraithmarsh which is known today as a place of evil and is most famous for it's Banshee. It is theorized that there is a connected between it and The Court due to their similar names and that they are all shadow beings.

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