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Queen of Blades
Created by Yorkieboy91
From Fable: The Queens Revenge by Yorkieboy91
Fable: Albions End by Yorkieboy91
Biographical information
Species Unkown possibaly Human
Gender Female
Faction The Court
Relatives Jack of Blades (Brother)

Knight of Blades (Brother)

Enemies William Black

King Henry the Hero of Brightwall

Prince Logan

Lord Timothy of Driffield Queen Mary Hero of Albion

Home The Void

Albion (Queens Revenge & Albions End)

Status Alive


The Queen dosn't wear a mask during Fable: The Queens Revenge she has deep blue eyes and long blonde hair. She wears a short purple dress and knee high boots and a hooded cape her apperance changes over the next 14 years and she now wears her mask continusly as well as a red and black highwaywoman outfit along with an hooded cape during the events of Fable: Albions End


The Queen first appered along with her brothers Jack and the Knight of Blades the three of them would rule Albion with an Iron Fist. After about 1,500 years a young couple had a baby boy and named him William. The child would go on to do great things with his mind and these would soon become known as the powers of Will. The Court became paranoid and decided to challenge this hero to battle, first the Knight fell, soon after Jack followed his brother, but the Queen would not give up. They fought across Albion and faced each other in one final battle atop Mount Roun. It was there that William killed the Queen, but unkown to him Jack had not died and came back from the Void to save his sisters soul which resided in her mask. Jack fled back into the Void and didn't return to Albion untill 3000 years later when the Hero of Oakvale was only a child. After the Hero slayed Jack in Dragon form he destroyed Jacks mask, but not the Queens or the Knights and hid it in his future tomb in the Heroes' Guild. The mask along with the Hero's body was moved to chamber beneath Avo's Sanctuary in the town of Driffield before the destruction of the Heros Guild. It has since vanished.


Dispite being killed by William Black the Queen of Blades is still talked about in modern Albion during the times of the Hero of Oakvale and Hero of Bowerstone many children were told that if they misbehaved than the Queen of Blades would come and take them away during the night. As the years went on and during the Hero of Brightwalls rule no one really mentiond the Queen or Jack of Blades but then again it is a part of Albions history they would like to forget.

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