The Pirate's Life
The Lupus
The Life of a Pirate
Series Fable: The Pirate's Era by Awesomekid120
Chapter Chronology
Previous A Boy Ready to Become a Man
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A Boy Ready to Become a Man Chapter Chronology First Bout

The Pirate's Life is the first chapter in the Fable: The Pirate's Era novel.

The Pirate's LifeEdit

"Isn't it beautiful captain?" Richard said, gazing at the sea.

"It is beautiful" Edward replied, gazing at the sea also.

"Might I ask, how did you learn to captain a ship at such a young age" Richard asked with confusion.

"My former master taught me" Edward replied.

"Master?" Richard asked.

"Yes, the man who trained me to fight and other things" Edward said.

"Island!" A crewmen shouted.

Edward immediately sailed to the island in hopes of finding gold. The ship was speeding, faster and faster.

"NO SAIL!" Edward yelled to his crew.

The ship stopped, and the crew began to to take off and start searching for treasure

More Soon...

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