The Oakvale Anti-Hero League
Created by Lionhead Studios
Expanded by Bluej248
From Fable: Rogue Heroes by Bluej248
Notable Members Amos (Founder and Leader)

Nathaniel Reaves (Second in Command)

The Hero of Hook Coast (Main Hero; Head Commanding Officer)

Jarissa Jade (Skill Hero; Commanding Officer)

Kayma (Strength Hero; Commanding Officer)

Ami (Will Hero; Commanding Officer)

Citizens of Albion

Headquarters Oakvale Town Hall

The Old Grey House (Established into a camp after guns became available to the citizens of Albion)

WARNING: This article contains a few spoilers in the Fable: Rogue Heroes story!!!


The Oakvale Anti-Hero League was first mentioned in a couple books (The Fall of The Guild & Objection! Overruled!) featured in the Fable 2 game for Xbox 360 by Lionhead Studios. The author of this article as well as the Fable: Rogue Heroes story took what little info he could from those book descriptions and expanded it into his story. This now features a story appearance of the group during the time when it took place as well as their actions.


The Oakvale Anti-Hero League was founded in the town of Oakvale about three centuries after the events of Fable 1 by an Oakvale citizen named Amos. Throughout the many years after Jack of Blades was defeated, Albions citizens began to fear and hate The Heroes including The Guild after its new Headmaster Markeniss took over. The Heroes began to cause havoc and sometimes terrorize the citizens thinking they were entitled to anything they desired. One day after a drastic incident with a Hero who was passing through Oakvale, Amos had decided to organize the revolting citizens from mostly Oakvale and Bowerstone into one group he named The Oakvale Anti-Hero League. The league started off as a simple civilian rights group that gathered reports of disturbing incidents the Heroes were causing throughout the towns of Albion. After the lawsuit that the league and it's allied group The Concerned Citizens Group filed was thrown out, the league then made other attempts throughout the years to file more lawsuits, but the Albion Courts kept throwing them out due to bribes, intimidation, and sex scandals initiated by Markeniss's three most powerful Heroes.

The Release of Guns

It was then after the newly invented guns created in Samarkand became available and sold to citizens and not just The Guild and Town Guards, a wealthy member of the league by the name of Nathaniel Reaves made a large purchase from his own weapons shop in Oakvale. Every member of the league was then armed with rifles and pistols making them more evenly matched with most Heroes and after realizing the judicial system was not going to help them, they decided to take justice into their own hands by force. The citizens then started to defend themselves against the menacing Heroes and although there were still some civilian casualties, they were able to fend off or even kill most Heroes that attempted to harm them. However, this was not enough to put an end to the burden of Heroes. Amos and his newly appointed second in command Nathaniel Reaves had both agreed it was best to first move the league to a more secluded area where no one would think to look. So, the league then moved from having meetings in The Oakvale Town Hall to establishing a full camp settlement at the Old Grey House on the boarder of Barrow Fields and Darkwood. At this point the league became more of a militia group than a civilian rights group, but the armed citizen members did not protest.

The Hunting of Heroes

After the camp was built, the league then began to hunt down Heroes by either patrolling the regions of Albion or by the use of league spies who gave away the locations of targeted Heroes. The league had then decided instead of finishing off each Hero they hunted and fought, they would instead capture them and send them off to the Witchwood Arena for execution. This way the citizens of Albion were both entertained and saw justice done upon the Heroes they hated and feared for their crimes against them. The Heroes were put through all the rounds of the arena which most of them would usually die battling the creatures of each round, but for the few who beat all the rounds would still be executed by pyre burning.

The Siege on the Heroes Guild

One day while Amos was leading his hunting group back to the camp after a day of patrolling, they trapped four Heroes at gun point in Darkwood which included The Hero of Hook Coast, Jarissa Jade, Kayma, and Ami. With the sudden intervention and convincing of the seer Theresa the league had allowed the four Heroes to join as they were not like the other Guild Heroes they hunted. The four Heroes had helped the league hunt down any remaining Heroes they could find including the three most powerful Heroes of modern day Albion which The Hero of Hook Coast takes among himself to hunt down with being of Archon Bloodline making him the most powerful among the four who join. He is given the choice after defeating each of these powerful Heroes in battle to either send away to Witchwood Arena for execution (evil choice) or force them into hiding (moral choice), but as the story goes The Hero of Hook Coast decides to force them into hiding. Once all three of these powerful Heroes were defeated, the league including its four Hero members ride to Bowerstone where they gather and arm more citizens and form a mob. The mob and the four league Heroes siege The Guild and during the attack The Hero of Hook Coast defeats his childhood bully Connor in battle and lastly the Guild Headmaster Markeniss who is the final boss in the story Fable: Rogue Heroes. After he defeats Markeniss to the death, The Guild is destroyed and all the surviving Heroes retreat into the Guild Woods where The Hero of Hook Coast and a small group of armed citizens pursue them. The Hero of Hook Coast is then given the choice to command the surviving Heroes be shot or be spared and let go into hiding, but as the story goes The Hero of Hook Coast decides to let them go into hiding.

The End of the League

After The Guild was wrecked and burnt to the ground the league had dismantled as they had accomplished their goals and all members had returned to their normal lives. The camp was disassembled and the four Heroes had retired and went to live in distant lands that were either islands off the coast of Albion or other countries. However, the league members from Oakvale had shortly after suffered the loss of their town as well as their lives through a selfish decision made by Nathaniel Reaves to obtain eternal youth, who right after the destruction of Oakvale renames himself Reaver, becoming a whole other man.

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