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The Corruption
Created by Originally created by Lionhead Studios but further developed by Boredfan1
From Rise of the Shadows by Boredfan1
Leader(s) The Corruptor
Notable Members The Corruptor
The Crawler
Founder(s) The Corruptor
Affiliation The Void
The Tattered Spire
Headquarters Unknown
Status Ongoing


The Corruption, named after the entity known as The Corruption and also The Darkness is an organization created by and lead by The Corruptor as a means of conquering Albion and becoming it's rightful ruler, creating other entities such as The Crawler to serve in this organization while also controlling The Corruption as an extension of itself. The first known attempt was in the time of the Old Kingdom when The Corruptor, took advantage of the opening created by the Tattered Spire and attempted to send his chief lieutenant, The Crawler into Albion however, the hero Sol along with Blaze and Stone learned of this and attempted to stop him, resulting in the destruction of the Tattered Spire as well as the Old Kingdom and the sealing of The Crawler in Shadelight Cave. Since then, The Corruptor and it's organization have been unable to proceed with the conquest of Albion however, this changed when Theresa manipulated Lucien Fairfax into rebuilding the Tattered Spire for her own reasons as it caused The Crawler to awake and to renew The Corruptor's hope of ruling Albion, despite the death of it's chief lieutenant.

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