Silver-Fur Family
Created by Yorkieboy91
From Fable: A New Kingdom by Yorkieboy91
Fable: The Queens Revenge by Yorkieboy91
Fable: Albions End by Yorkieboy91
Aristocratic Family with ties to the Blacksmith Family and the Monarchy
Founder(s) Conrad Silver-Fur
Affiliation The Blacksmith Family

The Royal House of Lionheart

Headquarters Blacksmith Manor

Nafferton Forest (Formally)

Purpose To serve the people of Driffield and enforce Law and Order
Status Active, extinct in future stories

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The Silver-Fur family have lived in the Driffield area since the 1100s but only became a influential family in 1842 when Lord James was executed and Edmund and Edward were imprisoned. Jane Silver-Fur became Lady of Driffield and held that title until she died in 1870 four years later her daughter Lady Jessica Silver-Fur commited suicide during a sige on the villiage of Driffield and her brother Timothy became Lord of Driffield.

Battle of Avo's Sanctuary Edit

Lord Timothy, King Henry and Prince Logan both learned a dark secret about Timothy's wife Lady Helena, she was the Queen of Blades. She engaged them in battle. While she was not victorious she did manage to kill Logan and poison King Henry.

High Counciller & Lord ProtectorEdit

In 1893 Lord Timothy was appointed by King Henry as High Counciller of the Council of Bowerstone. In 1895 he was made Lord Protector holding that position from King Henry's death untill Princess Mary was became Queen.

End of the LineEdit

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