Silver Sketch

Silver the Hero Dog

Created by Rojoneo
From Fable IV: Retold by Rojoneo
Appears in Fable IV: Retold, Fable Destiny
Biographical information
Species Dog/Hybrid
Gender Male
Relatives None
Relationships Connor Lionheart (Friend/ Master)

Kyle Blade (Friend/ Ally)

Rene Kingston (Friend/ Ally)

Julie Dax (Friend/ Ally)

Zero (Friend/ Ally)

Madison Parks (Friend/ Ally)

Seth Finn (Friend/ Ally)


Enemies Reaver


Jack of Blades

Assassin Neo

Home Bowerstone City
Status Alive


Appears in Fable IV: Retold and Fable Destiny


Created in Reaver Industries Silver was born as experiment S.309. Silver was part of a project to create a perfect soldier With his blood infused with White Balverine blood and Will using Hobbe, Silver is unlike any dog. He has the ability to communicate with man and animals. Silver spent most of his life in a cage, being poked with needles until that faithful day Connor broke in and took Silver from his life of being experimented on to becoming Connor faithful canine companion in his adventures. Silver now is able to use Will which makes him a major player in Connor team with his canine abilities and his mixed DNA he can use his Balverine blood to extend his retractable claws and his speed makes him nearly impossible to catch. Silver will always be faithful to his savior Connor and would give his life to protect his human.


Faithful, loving, playful, free spirit, smart-ass, friendly, brave, determined


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