Richard Fairfax
Richard Fairfax
From Lucien: A Tale Of... by Lordofwar97
Biographical information
Species Human
Gender Male
Faction Fairfax Family
Relationships Lucien Fairfax: Son

Alden Fairfax: Son
Ellie Fairfax: Daughter
Angela Fairfax: Wife

Home Fairfax Castle
Status deceased

Richard Fairfax was the father of Lucien, Alden, and Ellie, and was, at the time, Mayor of Bowerstone.



Born to Ingrid Fairfax, he was the son of the wealthy family that assumed the right to rule Bowerstone. Eventually, his father died and assumed the title of Mayor. He then fell in love with his soon-to-be wife, Angela, and married a year later. They decided to raise three children. They had one girl named Ellie and two boys named Lucien and Alden. This was the happiest of times for their family. But unfortunately, when his mother became mentally insane, she was locked up in the attic. It sparked a tragic history for their family, especially on Lucien. Lucien and Ellie wandered through Old Town till a man attempted to assault Ellie. In measures to save Lucien from getting murdered, she jumped in front and took the bullet for Lucien. The man was shot by Richard before Lucien was shot. Ellie was pronounced dead at the scene and was buried with their family in the courtyard of Fairfax Castle. Because of Ellie's death greatly impacting Lucien, he and Angela spent more time with him than Alden. Alden, enraged in jealousy, attempted to murder Lucien in his sleep. He intervened and stopped the attack. Alden then accused his parents for not treating him as an equal son to Lucien. His comment was revoked and was sent to bed. The next morning, Alden disappeared and Richard sent for a search party. After a days search, the guards reported missing. This deeply affected Angela, who died three months later from grief. With the deaths of Ellie and Angela, as well as the disappearance of Alden, he would succumb to his grievous feelings, hanging himself in the winter. 


Bold, daring, and caring, he cares about the safety of his family at all costs since he forbade his children to wander outside Fairfax Castle.

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