Red Party
Created by Newmarduk
Appears in Changes in the Albion Political System

The Red Party was a leading political faction within the kingdom of Albion, and it's creation was part of the Changes in the Albion Political System.  The Red Party first appeared two years after the death of the Hero of Brightwall, in opposition to King Henry Whitebane, the monarch of Albion elected by the Parliament and the Senate just after the Hero's death, since the Hero did not name an heir to his throne.  King Henry had persuaded the Parliament and the Senate to abolish the system of elected officials for regions, cities, and villages in favor of royal appointees.  Many Red Party members also favored cutting military spending.

Five years after the death of the Hero of Brightwall, King Henry's supporters in the Parliament and the Senate formally organized the Blue Party.

Zero to 525 Years After the Death of the Hero of BrightwallEdit

Rarely did the Reds have a majority in the Senate, but in the first five centuries or so after the Hero of Brightwall's death, elections for the Parliament (elected every seven years except on three separate occasions when wars plaguing the kingdom of Albion delayed the election of a new Parliament), the Reds and the Blues fairly often traded status as majority and minority parties in Parliament as rarely did a party win more than two Parliament elections in a row, and never more than three in a row. Gradually, a minority faction within the Red ranks called for the creation of an Albion Repubic, with the sovereign's functions taken over by the Council of Twelve.  However, the national leadership of the Red Party was dominated by the moderately pro-monarchy Pink Faction. 

For centuries, the Reds attempted, unsuccessfully, to restore local elections for regional, village, and city leaders.  Many Reds also wanted to reduce the Albion military viewing it as a waste of taxes and public money.

525 to 545 Years After the Death of the Hero of Brightwall; the Deep Red RebellionEdit

For 20 years, the Northern Wastelands, the western islands like Witchwood and Hook Coast, and Aurora in the far south saw a rebellion by the Deep Reds, formerly a pro-republic faction within the Red Party.  The caused many Blues to view Reds as a whole (despite the Red Party's moderately pro-monarchy Pink Faction) as traitors or close to that status.

After the creation of the Deep Red RepublicEdit

After losing it's Deep Red elements to the new Deep Red Republic, the Red Party continued as an opposition party to the ruling Blues for centuries afterward, never again gaining a Senate majority and only rarely winning a majority in Parliament, as the Blue Party started to win majorities in Parliament in five, six, seven, or even eight elections in a row.

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