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Series Rise of the Shadows by Boredfan1
Chapter 0
Writer Boredfan
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Garry Damrau

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"There, I think it's done. Hopefully dad didn't leave out any details when writing the instructions otherwise, this may be a disasterous trip." Leo said, crouched over and staring at the newly completed Cullis Gate in front of the Demon Door of Aurora. "Your father was thorough when it came to detail and getting a job done right, I am confident that everything is there however, I don't mean to sound negative your majesty but Cullis Gates are a very advanced technology, even your father's friend, Garth had a hard time getting them to work properly. If you remember, your father was trapped in Wraithmarsh for a time because the Cullis Gate malfunctioned. Something like that or worst could happen to you, why not have someone else test it out? Jasper replied. "There are several Cullis Gates that father created throughout Albion that function just fine. I am sure that it'll be safe. Besides, you can't talk me out of this Jasper." Leo said standing up. He then walked into the middle and turned to his loyal butler and smiled confidently. "But your majesty, why do we need Cullis Gates anymore? We have fast ships and the map mechanisms that your father created that allow for instantaneous travel from one side of Albion to another." Jasper said, desperate to talk Leo out of his project.

"It's true I don't need them to travel, at least not through most of Albion but there are still some places in Albion such as Wraithmarsh which remains isolated from the rest of Albion and can only be access by ship or by Cullis Gate. But that's not the main reason to bring back the gate system. Currently, travel is unsafe with bandits, wolves, Balverine and pirates and it's difficult to raise and maintain an army to patroll all of Albion all the time, leaving many citizens who can't fend for themselves to fall prey to these things. Goods may never get delivered, people can easily go missing or get killed and we may never find out what happened to them if we continue with the normal method of travel by foot and by sea, leaving gate travel to be the safest way to travel. And as a crown operated network, we can charge citizens to use the gate, earning money daily for the royal treasury without having to resort to the tactics of my brother or coming up with a complicated and difficult plan to raise money like we did to raise the royal army to protect Albion against The Darkness. Besides, it's too late to stop, rumors have already started circulating." Leo said, hoping that was enough to convince Jasper.

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