Moments in Time - A collection of short Fable stories
Moments in time
There is always a path and a destiny.
Continuity Extended
Genre anonymous POV stories
Author Ben McQueeney (Teethman, Wes Green)

"For every destiny there is a path..."

"Moments in Time" is a collection of stories written by Wes Green. The stories are told exclusively from the point of view of one character. Each story covers a brief moment for that character. All the characters in each story are left anonymous. This is done deliberately to allow the reader to create their own interpretations for each given moment.


All the "Moments" or stories are written around events that have actually played out in the game series. No characters have been created. Every character used in the stories are from the games.


In some stories its easy to tell who they're about. In others not so much. It's really interesting for Fable fans to have a go and see what they interpret the stories to mean.


  1. The Promise
  2. The Painted Lake
  3. The Statue
  4. The Architect
  5. The Architect - Chapter 2
  6. The Architect - Chapter 1

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