Created by Canes4ever
From Fable: The Last Hero by Canes4ever
Biographical information
Species Human
Gender Male
Relatives Annette (Mother), Victoria (Younger Sister), Unnamed Father, Hero of Brightwall (Great-Grandfather), Laylah (Great-Grandmother), Logan (Great-Granduncle), Hero of Bowerstone (Great-Great-Grandfather), Rose(Great-Great-Grandaunt), Hero of Southcliff (Ancestor), Hero of Oakvale (Ancestor), Theresa (Ancestor), Scarlet Robe (Ancestor), Brom (Ancestor), William Black (Ancestor)
Relationships Elizabeth (girlfriend), Gabriel (mentor/guide)
Enemies Reaver, Empress of Samarkand
Home Migratory
Status Alive

Martin is the main character and protagonist of Fable: The Last Hero.


Being a member of William Black's bloodline, Martin possesses all the features of a powerful Hero. He is tall, towering over most of his associates (with the exceptions of Reaver and Lira), as well as brawny, surpassing most in terms of physique and physical strength (only Raz can boast that he is stronger). However, the most interesting feature of Martin is his skin tone. Being one-eighth Auroran, he still has a darker complexion than most Albionites, who tend to be pale and devoid of pigment. He has deep, dark brown hair and equally dark eyes, as does all his ancestors.


Martin was born to Annette, a prostitute living in Bastion after its rebuilding.


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