Man's Best Friend
Reading Dog Training: Charisma Level 5
From Diary of Falcon Lionheart by Garry Damrau
Falcon's Flock by Garry Damrau
Biographical information
Species Dog
Gender Male
Relatives Father: Dog (Sparrow's companion)
Relationships Falcon Lionheart (Master)
Enemies Same as Master's
Home Bowerstone Castle
Status Living

Introduction Edit


Man's Best Friend has had different appearances depending on his master's mood. Originally he appeared as a Border Collie but through the magical powers of the Sanctuary he could transform into a number of different forms. Some days he would appear as a Red Setter or a Doberman. While on other days he could look to be an Alsatian or even a Boxer. On some days when Falcon felt like being funny he could even appear to be a pink or white poodle. MBF didn't like that form. The most unusual form that he could take was that of a Clockwork Dog. He would bark in a most irritating mechanical tone when in that form.



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