Created by Rojoneo
From Fable IV: Retold by Rojoneo
Fable Destiny (This series could not be found)
Appears in Fable IV: Retold, Fable Destiny
Biographical information
Species Human/ Half-Breed
Gender Female
Relatives Fredric Parks (Father Deceased)
Relationships Connor Lionheart (Friend/ Ally)

Rene Kingston (Friend/ Ally)

Silver (Friend/ Ally/ Pet)

Zero (Love interest/ Ally)

Kyle Blade (Friend/ Ally)

Seth Finn (Friend/ Ally)

Julie Dax (Friend/ Ally)

Ginjer (Ally)

Enemies Reaver

Jack of Blades

Assassin Neo


Home Westcliff City
Status Alive


Appears in Fable IV: Retold and Fable Destiny


Since she was born Madison only had one person in her life. Her father, a blacksmith working at the Reaver Industries. She never knew who her mother was but her father love was all she needed in the world. One day when her father never came home she went to his place of work to find him. There she walked in on men being tested on and being turned into Half-Breeds. Reaver then captured her and from there she became apart of Reaver experiments. Years in a cage and killing for Reaver made her cold. Until the night she ran into Connor and his friend. She joined them and from there her love hate relationship with Kyle began.


Brave, Tough, Stubborn, Aggressive, Kind, Cautious


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