Lords & Ladys of Driffield
Created by Yorkieboy91
From Fable: The Queens Revenge by Yorkieboy91
Biographical information
Species Human/Balverine
Gender Male/Female
Faction Thives Guild (Formerly)

Bandits Guild (Formerly) Avo's Sanctuary

Temple of Light

Relatives Jessica Silver-Fur (Sister)
Enemies King Logan

Queen of Blades

Home Driffield
Nafferton Forest (Silver-Furs)
Oakfield(Lady Anne & Lady Mary)
Status Alive as of Lord Timothy

Dark AgesEdit

During the Dark Ages Driffield became a lawless place. It was around this time that a young man called Edmund Blacksmith became Lord in 989. He was closley linked to the towns Thieves and Bandits Guilds. During the Fallow Wars, Lord John took this oppertunity to destroy the guilds he was succssesful and brought Law and Order to the town.

New KingdomEdit

During the early years of the New Kingdom Queen Elizabeth, Lady Anne's granddaughter restored the name Avo's Sanctuary to the towns church and later gave birth to her first son Logan in Driffield. Elizabeth's brother next to be lord was executed when he plotted with his father and older brother to kill Queen Elizabeth. Edmund's son Richard became Lord he held this title until he died young. His cousin Jessica Silver-Fur became the 6th Lady of Driffield.

Albion RevoloutionEdit

Lady Jessica was against the new factorys and their towering chimmneys but she didn't live long to fight her cousin the then King Logan when his army besiged the town, with food stocks running low she commited suicied, after the siege her younger brother Timothy became the 20th Lord of Driffield and pleged loyalty to King Logan and later King Henry during the latter halve of the Reverloution.

Lords & Ladys of DriffieldEdit

Lord Edmund Blacksmith 1st Lord of Driffield, Born 965/Died 997

Lord John Blacksmith 2nd Lord of Driffield, Born 990/Died 1031

Lord William Blacksmith 3rd Lord of Driffield, Born 1017/Died 1052

Lord Edwin Blacksmith 4th Lord of Driffield, Born 1039/Died 1101

Lord Alex Blacksmith 5th Lord of Driffield, Born 1088/Died 1167

Lord George Blacksmith 6th Lord of, Driffield, Born 1144/Died 1169

Lord James Blacksmith 7th Lord of, Driffield, Born 1147/Died 1222

Lord Albert Blacksmith 8th Lord of, Driffield, Born 1177/Abdicated 1250/Died 1264

Lord Louis Blacksmith 9th Lord of, Driffield, Born 1234/Died 1299

Lord John Blacksmith 10th Lord of, Driffield, Born 1266/Died 1344

Lady Kathrine Blacksmith 1st Lady, of Driffield, Born 1299/Died 1378

Lord Norman Blacksmith 11th Lord, of Driffield, Born 1331/Died 1431

Lady Jessica Blacksmith 2nd Lady of Driffield, Born 1366/Died 1458

Lady Elizabeth Blacksmith 3rd Lady of Driffield, Born 1404/Died 1491

Lord Timothey Blacksmith 12th Lord of Driffield, Born 1443/Died 1521

Lord William Blacksmith 13th Lord of Driffield, Born 1494/Died 1579

Lord Stephen Blacksmith 14th Lord of Driffield, Born 1543/Died 1631

Lord Alfred Blacksmith 15th Lord of Driffield, Born 1576/Died 1678

Lord Geoff Blacksmith 16th Lord of Driffield, Born 1637/Died 1724

Lady Mary Blacksmith 4th Lady of Driffield, Born 1699/Died 1786

Lady Anne Blacksmith 5th Lady of Driffield, Born 1755/Died 1848

Lord Richard Blacksmith 17th Lord of Driffield, Born 1835/Died 1870

Lady Jessica Silver-Fur 6th Lady of Driffield, Born 1854/Died 1874

Lord Timothy Silver-Fur 18th Lord of Driffield, Born 1864/Died

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