Kyle Blade
Kyle Blade

Kyle Blade

Created by Rojoneo
From Fable IV: Retold by Rojoneo
Appears in Fable IV: Retold, Fable Destiny
Biographical information
Species Human
Gender Male
Relatives Zack Blade (Father/ Deceased)

Diana Blade (Mother/ Deceased)

Connor Lionheart (Cousin) Taylor Lionheart (Cousin)

Hammer (Ancestor)

Relationships Rene Kingston (Friend/ Ally)

Julie Dax (Friend/ Ally)

Silver (Friend/ Ally/ Pet)

Zero (Friend/ Ally)

Madison Parks (Love interest/ Ally)

Connor Lionheart (Friend/ Ally)

Seth Finn (Friend/ Ally)

Ginjer (Ally)

Enemies Reaver

King Lucifer

Jack of Blades

Assassin Neo

Home Westcliff City
Status Alive


Appears in Fable IV: Retold and Fable Destiny


Born in the small village in Westcliff City Kyle grew up being stronger than most children. As a child Kyle loved watching the Crucible fights on the TV and dreamed of one day stepping into the arena and becoming champion. After the murder of Connor family that same night Kyle family home was also burnt down but the boy managed to escape and had to go into hiding. Once he was old enough Kyle bought his first War-hammer and stepped into the Crucible masked with an iron mask and took on the title The Iron Fist and became the champion. Since then Kyle defends his title every week on TV until the day Connor stepped into the ring to ask for his help. Kyle being the new Hero of Strength took on his cousin then forfeit and joined Connor in his journey to save Albion.


Brave, Aggressive, Stubborn, Kind


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