King Hydar
Hydar, the barbaric King
Heredity series (This series could not be found)
Biographical information
Species human
Gender male
Relatives Twinblade(cousin)
Home Visharok
Status alive

King Hydar is the barbaric king that appears in The Barbaric North. He conquered the town of Bloodstone and convinced The Society, the highwaymen's guild, and the bandits to join his army to conquest and take over Albion.



Born in the Northern Wastes, he was nothing but a boy who sought out adventure. He left his family behind and continued up north where he stumbled upon anther land. He found some wood and made a raft to cross the channel. He spent a few warm nights in a cave until summoners tried to kill him. A man saved him and fought off them using magic. The man was revealed to be Sephan, and decided to take him to his village. They were nomads that were very kind to the boy and gave him food and shelter. They taught him how to hunt, fish and survive in the blistering cold winter. He eventually was old enough to explore the rest of the land and found more nomadic tribes. He then took them to the center of the land. They decided to merge all of the tribes into one nation and called it Visharok, after the name of the god of survival. They appointed Hydar the king of the tribes. He heard stories of a land south of Visharok where heroes protect the land. He then took a fleet of twenty warships and invaded Bloodstone. He convinced the Highwaymen's guild, the bandits and the Assassination society to join him. So they agreed and prepare to conquer Albion once and for all.


Tough, brutal and tolerant, he is the most violent and most ruthless king that Albion has seen. He never shows mercy to anyone even for people that don't complete missions assigned by Hydar. He will finally wreak his revenge for his cousins death.

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