Created by Kytorain
Appears in Fable III
Biographical information
Species Human
Gender Male
Faction Kingdom of Albion


Relatives King Owen (Father)

Queen Emma (Mother) Logan (Brother) Prince Morgan (Son) Princess Victoria (Daughter) General Lloyd of Millfields (Son) Prince Quinton (Son) Princess Ashley (Daughter) Princess Stephanie (Daughter) Admiral Noah of Bowerstone Commander Lucas of Bowerstone (Son) Viceroy Ahtar of Aurora (Son) General Tamir of Aurora (Son)

Relationships Angelina the Noblewoman (Wife, Deceased)

Catherine the Noblewoman (Wife, Divorced) Queen Eve (Wife) Chloe the Noblewoman (Wife) Tally the Auroran (Wife) Elise (Girlfriend, Deceased) Sir Walter Beck (Mentor, Advisor, Friend, Deceased) Jasper (Friend) Page (Ally, Friend) Ben Finn (Ally, Friend, Advisor) Sabine (Ally, Friend) Kalin (Ally, Friend) Reaver (Ally) Saker (Ally)

Enemies The Crawler

Nigel Ferret

Home Bowerstone Castle
Status Alive


King Gregory was known for his shockingly white skin and soft, angelic markings around his blue eyes. His light brown hair was pulled back into a short ponytail and he had sideburns and a beard, in terms of facial hair. He had a very large physique, he was quite muscular and was quite tall as well.



King Gregory was a kind, compassionate man and a wise, benevolent ruler. During the first year of his reign he donated over 10 million of his own gold to Albion's treasury to fund the army and the defense against The Crawler and his Minions. However he was not without his faults, his weakness was in basic human wants, sex. King Gregory had dozens of mistresses across Albion and Aurora used only to satisfy his lust, he was also a polygamist who at most had three wives. The king was a serial adulterer, often having affairs on his wives with prostitutes and his mistresses. As a result of his lustful lifestyle he had many children, he had ten legitimate children alone, not to mention almost one dozen illegitimate love-children. King Gregory justified this lifestyle by claiming he was ensuring the continuity of the Archon bloodline and of the hereditary powers of heroes.

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