Chapter 36
Fable II
Fable II: Retold
Series Fable II: Retold by Rojoneo
Chapter 36
Writer Rojoneo
Chapter Chronology
Previous Fable II: Retold Chapter 35
Next Fable III: Retold
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The EndEdit

I knew my time was coming and I was dying I knew my time was coming as the sands of time already claimed of beautiful wife Alex and our two dogs and I knew that I had a little time left and had requested Walter to come to my bedchambers one dark stormy night.

I was bedridden so too much of my disapproval Walter would see me in a horrid state as he walked in with sadness in his eyes and had grown that ridiculous beard and mustache that I always made fun of when he let it grow out.

"Oh Sparrow please tell me this isn't it?" He asked.

"Afraid so Walter" I said as he came to sit by my side.

"Walter I want you to promise me something" I said.

"Anything my friend" he said.

"My son, Adam is destined for greatness you and I both know that. Logan I'm not so sure, but I want you to keep training him until you think Albion need a hero take him to the catacombs where I will soon be placed and lead him to my Guild Seal from there I know Theresa will help but promise me you will take care of my sons I know Logan eighteen and will take the throne but Adam only thirteen and still need help if he's ever going to become a hero" I said.

"I promise" he said taking my hand.

"Thank you Walter" I said as I took my last breath of air before going into a peaceful sleep.

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