Fable II: Retold
Fable II

Fable II: Retold cover

Fable II: Retold
Continuity Alternative
Genre Action/ Adventure
Rating M
Chapters 36
Author Rojoneo
Status Complete


The sequel in the Fable Retold Saga now told.

After the events of the Hero of Oakvale: Five hundred years after the Hero of Oakvale's time, begins the story of two orphan children whose lives will change when they make a wish that will forever change the life of the brother and soon the fate of Albion.


Sparrow: The Hero of Bowerstone. An orphan in Bowerstone Old Town, living on the streets with his older sister Rose whose life will change forever when a wish to live in a castle ends horribly and the journey the boy takes will change Albion's fate.

Walter Beck:A young boy whose dreams of adventure and life will change when a hero enters his life.

Jake: The faithful hero dog who stayed by Sparrow's side as a child and will continue to follow his master on his adventures.



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