Fable Heroes
Continuity Alternative
Author Boredfan1
Status Ongoing


Coming Soon.


  1. Theresa's Birthday
  2. The Start of a New Life
  3. The Beginning of a Rivalry
  4. To The Demon Door!
  5. Private Tutoring
  6. Hideout
  7. A Thunderous Problem


  • Brom - Father of Theresa and Chales.
  • Scarlet Robe - Mother of Theresa and Chales, champion of the Arena.
  • Theresa - Seeress and sister of Chales.
  • Chales - Hero of Oakvale.
  • Scythe - An ancient immortal Hero.
  • Maze - The main leader of the Heroes' Guild and mentor to Chales
  • Weaver - The guildmaster of the Heroes' Guild and a mentor to Chales
  • Whisper - A friend and rival of the Chales
  • Briar Rose - 
  • Thunder - Whisper's brother and Arena champion.
  • Twinblade - A former hero of the Heroes' Guild and king of the southern Albion bandits.
  • Jack of Blades - 
  • Lady Grey - 


Coming soon.


Coming soon.

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