Fable The Return
Continuity Extended
Genre Fantasy, Action, Adventure
Rating M
Chapters 50
Author Scorponix
Editor(s) Scorponix
Status Complete
Years after the events of Fable III, an ancient evil is awoken from a cavern lost deep under the ground of Bower Lake.


It was written that the Hero of Bowerstone once found great power under Bower Lake. The Hero was known to be going through the ancient doorway of a tomb that rested on a small island in the middle of the lake. Any previous searches of the old tomb were proven fruitless as the creatures that lurk underground would eventually thin the search parties to nothing. The tomb was eventually destroyed, replaced by a small gazebo on the small island and served as a welcome to all wealthy inhabitants of Albion as Bower Lake transformed to a grand estate-home area. But as the Hero of Aurora's reign as king withered away, the mines of Bower Lake struck an ancient cavern deep underground, an area that had been passed into legend and myth. After all this time shut away from the world, something dark had been brooding. Some evil has been waiting deep under Bower Lake, an evil that was awakened ages ago...

Chapters: Edit

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