The Black Queen Cometh
The black princess
"The Throne Awaits"
Continuity Alternative
Author Warlock Magister
Editor(s) Warlock Magister
Status Work in progress

Fable: The Black Queen Cometh is a story written by Wikia editor Warlock Magister. It began production on May 4, 2014.

Synopsis Edit

Characters Edit

  • Raven -- Daughter of King Logan.
  • Brandon -- An exiled guard of King Logan and Raven's protector.
  • Cyrus -- Raven's maternal uncle and a smuggler who captains Kaya's Hope.
  • Kraken -- An infamous Samarkan pirate.
  • Shora -- One of the last-surviving sisters of the Sahazi (Sand Furies).
  • Lady Blackwood -- A wealthy mercenary and leader of the Bloodcrows.
  • Griffin -- Lady Blackwood's son and closest lieutenant.
  • General Grey -- Imperial military governor of Aurora.
  • Commander Dickens -- Head Overseer of Aurora's slaves.

Chapters Edit

Setting Edit

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Behind the scenes Edit

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