Fable: Blood of a hero
Continuity Extended
Author Loopycx

Kamillia had her whole life planned for her. She'd marry and become a housewife. But she wanted more. She wanted to be the stuff of legend. As she has the Blood of a Hero


This is a story about a group of heroes with the blood of hero's . The story starts with Theresa visiting Kamillia, a young girl living in Millfields. She awoke to find her house ablaze. Kamillia has to face her fears, to save the injured king (The Hero of Brightwall). One her way to save the hero king she meets a group of secret heroes who hide from the world until they are needed. The story takes place due in/after the events of Fable III. Kamilia and her group of heroes are involed in the attack against the Darkness.



Kamila (the Hero of Millfields)



The King(Hero of Brightwall)



Bo (Ebony)

Arrow (Arron)


The secret heroes

The royal guards


The burning truth

Body and Soul

No Eyes No Lies

Down with the Monarchy

A Year Without Rain

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