Created by Lordofwar97
From Lucien: A Tale Of... by Lordofwar97
Appears in Lucien: A Tale Of...
Biographical information
Species Human
Gender Female
Relationships Alden Fairfax: Brother

Lucien Fairfax: Brother
Richard Fairfax: Father
Angela Fairfax: Mother

Status Deceased

Elie Fairfax was the daughter of Richard Fairfax and Angela Fairfax and sister of Alden and Lucien Fairfax. 



She was the eldest daughter of Richard and Angela Fairfax and was prone to see the world, but her father forbade this. She tagged along with Lucien to see the world outside of Fairfax Castle and wandered to Old Town. There they encountered a man who attempted to molest Ellie, but managed to set herself free. The man pulled a gun on Lucien in which Ellie jumped in front of Lucien in vain measures to save him. She was shot and the man was about to shoot Lucien till Richard shot the man. Two guards who accompanied him rushed to Ellie's lifeless corpse. She was pronounced dead at the scene. This traumatized Lucien for the rest of his life, giving him a sense of powerlessness. 


She is giggly, curious, and courageous as she wanted to see life outside the Castle and proved courage when taking the bullet for Lucien.