Devon the Pirate King
From Fable Forever by Vampireninjabunnies
Biographical information
Species Immortal Human
Gender Male
Relatives Julian(brother)(deceased)
Relationships Eshita(lover)
Home Bloodstone(birthplace), nomadic lifestyle


Devon has waist length red hair and deep grey eyes. Tall and slim his attractively angular feature allow him to charm most women into his bed. Though most do not survive the night.


Born in Bloodstone Devon grew up to be quite the accomplished swordsman and thief; eventually finding himself in Reaver's crew. He did not do well though often engaging in activities that even Reaver found appalling. He became Reaver's first mate after the previous first mate died under mysterious circumstaces and eventually took that title of Pirate King when Reaver retired in favor of industrial pursuits. The details of his own deal with the Shadow Court are unknown except to Reaver.


Upon first meeting Devon seems hedonistic and vain but fairly harmless enjoying ale and the company of women. But behind this charming facade is a vicious, and murderous man. Feared by his crew and ship unlucky enough to cross his path. He takes his dark pleasure where he sees fit causing him to perpetrate the most heinous of crimes beyond the conscious of the most evil of men. The people of Albion are the only people that are spared his blade for fear of Reaver's wrath.

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