Dennis Furie
Prodigal Wolf
From Rising of the Full Moon series by Blaid
Biographical information
Species Balverine
Gender Male
Faction Balvorn Family
Relatives Unnamed Mother

Unnamed Father

Relationships Michael Balvorn (brother-in-law)

Aedan (brother-in-law)
Neal Balvorn (Mate)

Enemies Logan (formerly)

The Crawler
Reaver (formerly)

Home Silverpines Fortress
Status Alive

Dennis Furie was an innocent resident of Silverpines Village that found himself seduced by the Balverine Prince Neal Balvorn by the time of the Albion Revolution, early on in the series the Hero of Brightwall has heard nothing but good news from Michael Balvorn about Silverpines however by the time they reach Bowerstone, Silverpines has been thrown into chaos as Dennis Furie has gone berserk after Neal gave him the bite which made him a Balverine.

Aedan aids Neal in taming the young Balverine, and when Aedan worries about the future, Dennis promises to be there for Aedan should he go through the same unstable and uncontrollable phase.




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