Deep Red Republic
Created by Newmarduk
Appears in Changes in the Albion Political System

The Deep Red Republic was created by armed rebels in the Northern Wastelands, Aurora, Witchwood, and Hook Coast who rebelled against the royal government of Albion 525 to 545 years after the death of the Hero of Brightwall. The Republic's creation was due to the efforts of the Deep Reds, formerly part of Albion's Red Party.  The creation of the Republic was part of the Changes in the Albion Political System as it's territory seceded from the kingdom of Albion.


The Deep Red Republic was governed as a democratic republic with a Citizens Assembly elected every three years (except during wartime), and executive authority vested in a Committee of Seven, composed of seven Assembly members selected once every six months by random lottery. The Committee had the power to veto bills passed by the Assembly.

The Citizens Assembly was composed of 50 members representing the western islands and the Northern Wastelands, and 12 members elected from Aurora in the far south.


Like Albion, the Deep Red Republic would develop a two-party system. One party was the Revolutionary Party, descended from the Deep Reds in Albion's Red Party and the armed rebels who created the Republic. The Revolutionary Party faced competition from the Political Union, a party descended from the Red Party's Pink Faction and the Blue Party, as the territory of the Deep Red Republic used to be part of the kingdom of Albion.

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