The Dampier Crime Family
Organized Crime.
Clan Dampier
I remain unconquered.
From Siege of Samarkand by Henry Winstone
Most notable for murder, racketeering, prostitution, embezzlement, and extortion.
Leader(s) Justin Dampier (former), Portia Dampier (current).
Notable Members Gregory Gore, Silver-tip Sawyer, Layla Crossgrove.
Founder(s) William Dampier and Rachelle Grimm.
Affiliation Evil.
Headquarters Bloodstone.
Status Operational.

The Dampier Family has been involved in organized crime since before the Old Hero Queen was alive. Though primarly they run out of Bloodstone, they are known to have associates in Westcliff, Bowerstone, Rookridge and the Bandit Coast.

Their current leader, Portia Dampier, has paid for assassins or more than one occassion, sighting Cera Augustine as her favourite, despite their obvious dislike for each other.


Family BusinessEdit

William Dampier is the founder of the biggest organized crime association in Albion. Starting whilst the Hero of Oakvale was the talk of the country, William was an orphan who cheated his brethren out of their gold and swindled well-off aristocrats out of their clothes. Soon, he met the highwaywoman Rachelle Grimm, and though their attentions were sadistic at first, they grew a steady bond, an obscure love, and later, three children. Though William and his wife did not initially intend for their children to become apart of the family business, their eldest son, Nicholas, showed an adeptitude for pick-pocketing and soon took on the moniker of Head of the Dampier Crime Family.

War Between HousesEdit

Unfortunately as Nicholas took on his new responsibilities, the family was threatened by another rising crime family in Bloodstone. In a bid to make their presence, and seriousness, known, an assassin was hired and that night, Nicholas lost his brother and sister. This sparked a war between the Dampier Family and the Cossack Family. In the end, the Burnettize family was run out of town. Nicholas' long time girlfriend, Marion Blake consoled him in the coming months, and eventually the two married.

The New RegimeEdit

Portia and Justin Dampier are twin siblings of Nicholas Dampier and Marion Blake. Because of Justin's headstrong, stubbornness and rash action, he was leader of the crime family for no more than three weeks, before he was arrested by Sir Lucas Monteague, along with Silver-tip Sawyer, and Big Risk Tony, the later of which dying within Ravenscar Keep.

Portia is now the Head of the Dampier Family, and is an unapposable force in the town of Bloodstone.



  • Silver-tip Sawyer
  • Gregory Gore
  • Big Risk Tony
  • Johnny Wretched
  • Layla Crossgrove
  • Aaron "Babyface" Crewe

Button MenEdit

  • Lucy Sinister
  • Mallory the Mistake
  • Alice Dea
  • Mickey the Fly
  • Larry the Light Weight
  • Shroud Gordon
  • Malice Jackson
  • Penny the Dreadful
  • Thug Wallace
  • Back-Door Charlie
  • Samuel the Whore


Rival SyndicatesEdit

  • The Cossack Family
  • The St. Esprit Clan
  • Ordo Aequitas Albion
  • The Ternion


Further ReadingEdit

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