Council of Bowerstone (1883-1897)
Adviser to the Emperor or Empress
Created by Yorkieboy91
Fable: Vengence (This series could not be found)
Leader(s) High Counciller
Notable Members Lord Timothy of Driffield
Founder(s) King Henry
Headquarters Bowerstone Castle
Status Active, Inactive in future stories

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In 1883 before the creation of the Albion Empire the Council of Bowerstone was created to advise the monarch and propose new laws.

Twenty people, five representing each country of the empire gather in Bowerstone Castle once a month (originally once every three months until 1890).

Governing Albion and Empire

King Henry died in 1895. Shortly before his death he named Lord Timothy of Driffield as Lord Protector of Albion and the Empire and in turn Timothy himself left the council.


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