Connor Lionheart
Conor Lionheart

The Hero of Bowerstone City

Created by Rojoneo
From Fable IV: Retold by Rojoneo
Appears in Fable IV: Retold, Fable Destiny
Biographical information
Species Human
Gender Male
Relatives Oliver Lionheart (Father/ Deceased)

Emily Lionheart (Mother/ Deceased)

Taylor Lionheart (Sister)

Kyle Blade (Cousin)

Rook (Ancestor)

Zane Lionheart (Ancestor/ The Hero of Oakvale)

Sparrow (Ancestor/ Hero of Bowerstone)

Prince Adam (Ancestor/ Hero King of Brightwall)

Relationships Rene Kingston (Love interest)

Julie Dax (Friend/ Ally)

Silver (Friend/ Ally/ Pet)

Zero (Friend/ Ally)

Madison Parks (Friend/ Ally)

Kyle Blade (Friend/ Ally)

Seth Finn (Best Friend/ Ally)

Ginjer (Ally)

Enemies Reaver

King Lucifer

Jack of Blades

Assassin Neo

Home Bowerstone City
Status Alive


Appers in Fable IV: Retold and Fable Destiny


Connor was born to Oliver and Emily Lionheart in a small home in Bowersone City. One night President Lucifer and Vice President Reaver sent gaurds to burn the family home down with the family inside. Thanks to Gabriel intervention the two children were saved and had to grow up on the streets without their parents. Taylor and Connor then joined the New Bowerstone Resistance with Seth Finn leading them to plan a way to overthrow Lucifer and Reaver. Growing up in Bowerstone City with danger lurking in every direction Connor quickly learned to defend himself with sword, gun and any other weapon his group could get their hands on. At 18 Connor sister goes missing and Connor learns she being held at Ravenscar Keep. Connor journey than begins after accompanying Silver his talking canine companion and finding the Hero Sanctuary where he obtains his ancestors Magic Gauntlets. From there Connor begins to form his team of heroes all with their own gifts and strengths to help him save Albion from something more powerful than the dreaded Crawler.


Calm, Kind, Smart, Brave, Determined

Gallery Edit

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