Created by Canes4ever
From The Auroran War by Canes4ever
Biographical information
Species Human
Gender Male
Faction Auroran Empire
Relatives Tarkus (brother-in-law)
Enemies Kingdom of Albion (Old Kingdom)
Home Resayad, Aurora
Status Deceased

Cirro was the Emperor of Aurora during The Auroran War.


Cirro was a tall, well-built man, having a physique comparable to that of an Albionite Hero. His skin tone was similar to that of a common Auroran, with eye color to match, as well as short, coarse black hair.


According to ancient Auroran lore, Cirro is said to have won power by slaying both his father and brother in single combat in order to claim the imperial throne. Cirro is depicted as master swordsman and archer, capable of using either to defeat enemies in battle. He is also known as a shrewd politician, able to conquer and unite the warring tribal societies of Aurora under one banner by the events of The Auroran War. It is even rumored that Cirro is the ancestor of the Auroran Hero Saler the Righteous (although this may have been a claim made by Saler in order to further his credibility as a Hero.).


Cirro is described in Auroran texts as a man of ruthless ambition, willing to stop at nothing to achieve his goals. He is also shown to be cruel and harsh to those who break Auroran law. Despite this, he is generally seen by Aurorans as a gracious and benevolent ruler, one of the greatest in the history of the land.

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