Christopher de Leonhardt
From Diary of Victoria Backson by Henry Winstone
Biographical information
Species Human.
Gender Male.
Relatives Victoria Backson (wife), Logan (son), Richard (son), Altair de Leonhardt (grandson), Rose (sister-in-law).
Enemies Lord Lucian Fairfax.
Home Knothole Island.
Status Deceased.

Christopher de Leonhardt was the son of a textile merchant, and descendant of a long line of Albian nobility. He spent most of his childhood on ships, and it was at the Bowerstone Docks that Christopher first met Victoria Backson. It was not exactly love at first sight, but after time they grew fond of each other's company, and soon love blossomed in their marriage. They lived in Serenity Farm, where they had Logan and Richard, before settling down at Fairfax Castle - which was later renamed Bowerstone Castle under Victoria's bequest.