Series Fable: Rogue Heroes by Bluej248
Chapter 4
Writer bluej248
Editor(s) Travis Warmkessel
Chapter Chronology
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Next Chapter 5: Guild Escape
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Chapter 4: Heroes In TrainingEdit

Collin lead the young boy back to the map room and up the flight of stairs that formed a balcony at the top. There was another small entrance through the back wall of the indoor balcony that lead into the housing area. When they entered the young boy could see various beds lined up against the walls and large bookshelves and a neatly woven red oriental rug that seemed to cover the whole housing area floor. They turned a corner to the left and found four apprentices sitting on their beds in a small room.

"Ah here we are." Collin said, "Hello there apprentices. How are we today?"

A tall fit girl already standing with medium length dark hair and brown eyes spoke first, "A little exhausted, otherwise fine, but lets cut to the chase Collin, this is our new roommate is it not? Doesn't look like much."

"Oh now be nice Jarissa, it's his first night here and he's only a boy yet after all." Replied Collin.

"Boy or not he has much training ahead of him, he just better not slow us down or make us look bad." Jarissa said.

Another apprentice who looked much older than the young boy began to speak as he ceased sharpening his sword with a sharpening block, "He is right Jarissa, it is only his first night here, he has not even started training yet. I'm sure he'll do just fine."

"Easier said than done Kayma, we shall see tomorrow." Jarissa replied.

"Speaking of tomorrow, I think it's time you all should be getting ready for bed." Collin said.

"Oh, right...will do mother." Replied Jarissa sarcastically.

"Oh, very funny." Collin said in an annoyed tone as he turned to face the young boy, "Anyway, this will be your room then, but perhaps before you go to bed, you may wish to get a little more acquainted with your new fellow roommates, that or you can go explore the Guild a little if you want. As for me I'm going to catch some shut eye myself, good night and good luck with your training." He said as he left the room area.

The young boy first approached the older and very muscular man who continued sharpening his iron scimitar as he sat on the edge of his bed. When the young boy approached him closer, he looked as if he were a giant compared to the young boys height. His skin was lightly tanned with a fair sized black bushy beard and the top of his head was shaven.

"Oh, hello little one." Kayma said in a deep accent, "As Jarissa said earlier, my name is Kayma. I know she did not give you the most warm welcome, but she is not so bad as you get to know her. Anyway, I've been at Heroes Guild for about seven years, but was only active for little over one year. I had been recovering from injuries I suffered while getting myself to Albion. I come from faraway country to the east of Samarkand. My country is ruled by a tyrant emperor who got word of my unique strength powers as I work on my parents farm. The emperor thought he could use my potential power to be his little military dog, but both my parents as well as myself did not like this idea. So one night when the emperor send soldiers to the farm, my parents sneak me out of the country on world trader ship. My father said to me there was a place in Albion where I can make good use for my talents. He gave me this scimitar before I left and as the ship sailed out, I saw the torch lights of the soldiers approaching the shoreline, but I do not know if my parents escaped. The trader ship came under attack numerous times by pirates on the way here. I fought them all off, but after so much fighting I was nearly wounded to death. So, traders take me here till I recovered enough for training. Sometimes though I do wonder if my parents are still alive and hope to one day see them again."

The young boy then made his way over to Jarissa who was standing by her bed playfully swinging her blade staff. As she noticed him approaching she gave an annoyed look on her face.

"Oh, come on, what do you want? You know little boys that don't get their rest fail miserably their first day of training? Oh forget it, I might as well properly introduce myself otherwise your little pesky self nor I won't get any rest at all, plus since I'll be training with you I might as well get it over with. Anyway as you heard my name is Jarissa or as I've been known by my fellow locals before enrolling here, Jarissa Jade on account of the Jade stone blade." As she pointed out on her blade staff, "My parents are blacksmiths in Knothole Glade, they made this for me as a birthday present a few months before I enrolled. One day during those months a few bandits tried to rob my fathers shop, but luckily I was there to fight them off and lets just say I really got a good test session with this blade staff. After realizing my handiness, speed, and agility with weapons as well as a damn good shot with a crossbow my parents thought it best for me to enroll here. I figured I am a woman of action after all and the hero life definitely sounded like the life for me. Although I have to say aside from my roommates and a couple other people I see on a daily basis, a lot of the other apprentices are real wankers, especially that Connor and his little gang of twats. Oh I can't tell you how much it takes out of me not to knock those gits lights out. And those heroes I see sometimes visit are no better, I saw one a few months ago bring back the head of a trader as he was boasting it around. Sometimes I wish I could leave this place and get away from these wankers...anyways, I hope you're happy now that I told you a bit about me, now leave me be."

The young boy then walked over to the third roommate, although this one had not spoken yet as she seemed to be reading a book the whole time held up to her face as she sat against her bed frame. As the young boy got closer she then lowered her book revealing her face. The young boy then became slightly baffled at her beauty even for a boy of twelve. Her skin looked smooth, she had big blue eyes that matched the trimming of light blue on her dark blue decorative dress. Her hair was long and blond almost reaching her chest, she seemed to be only two years older than the young boy.

"Oh, hi there! I'm sorry, I hope you weren't standing there for too long, I get quite into my books sometimes. Usually during the day I go to the Guild Woods to read in my free time, I do quite fancy nature, I guess you can tell I'm working on becoming a Will User with all my books. Anyway, my name's Ami, you must be our new roommate, it's nice to meet you. I guess while you're settling in I might as well tell you a little about myself. I grew up in an orphanage, I never knew my parents, however while at the orphanage I guess you could say I had a slight magical accident. I gave some mean boy a slight shock one day, unintentionally of course and he was bedridden for a few days, but at least after that he left me alone." She let out a brief laugh, "Actually after that, every child in the orphanage left me alone... but it was after that incident I realized there was something special about me, I so longed to learn more about magic, but unfortunately the orphanage didn't have books on anything like that. One day a hooded man from The Heroes Guild came by. I guess word traveled around fast when they realize a little orphan girl shocked a boy with the palm of her hand. He took me here, but when I reached the training age I was delayed until a year ago when my Will abilities developed more and here I am. Well, I think I'm going to head to bed soon and you should too, we have training tomorrow after all, but it was really nice meeting you, good night!" Said Ami with a smile.

The young boy then headed to his bed and got his rest. As his basic training started the next day his trainer Sophia as well as his fellow trainees had seen the potential of a hero within. When he wasn't training he would spend hours studying and educating himself in the art of combat, Albion and the dangers of the outside world. As the four upcoming heroes continued to train together they grew a bond with one another, a family type bond. But as time went by, they all had put up with the bullying and harassment from other trainee groups, mostly from their rival Connor and his group. The young boy as well as the other three knew they were not like the rest of the Guilds apprentices and Heroes, for they had the virtue of true heroes. Four years had now gone by and the young boy was now of age to train with real weapons and now he would truly learn the ways of the Hero.

"Hey, wake up you lump." Jarissa said as she shook the young boys shoulder.

The young boy slowly opened his eyes and arose from his bed as he let out a big yawn.

"Well good morning sunshine, have a nice rest? I hope so because now your actual training starts today. Come on, get out of bed and follow me down to the melee ring, Ami and Kayma already got an early day start, lets go." Said Jarissa as the young boy slid out from his bedside and began to follow her.

"You know I have to say, you've done pretty well these past few years, you definitely have potential that's for sure." She said as they walked through the map room.

When they then reached the mess hall they could slightly overhear two visiting Heroes talking to each other at the bar and hearing about senseless violent acts they did to citizens. One mentioned he forcefully took a sack of gold from a citizen so he could drink more and the other mentioned how he helped a few bandits steal crates of apples from Orchard Farm. 

"Ugh, I can't stand these Heroes anymore, sometimes I can't believe I'm training in a place that unleashes people like that out into the world. I've been hearing rumors that these civilian rights groups been filing hundreds of law suits against this place, but all of them just get thrown out, the courts don't even take them. I don't know about you, but something is definitely up." Said Jarissa.

When they exited the mess hall and went outside the young boy saw the usual. Apprentices practicing their combat and swinging their swords at the straw dummies set up in some spots throughout the Guild. Others were shooting guns or arrows while others casted spells at the dummies as well. As the young boy and Jarissa were crossing the bridge over a small river that lead to the melee ring, Connor and his goons appeared at the other end of the bridge in front of them.

"Well, if it isn't two of the four pathetic bunch. I heard the little nutter here is finally getting out of his nappies today and actually is gonna to start using big people weapons." Connor said in a patronizing tone.

His brother Andros and the two other boys Torren and Marco laughed, "Good one brother!" Andros said.

"Piss off Connor!" Jarissa snapped.                                                        

"Whoa! Somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed today." Replied Connor.

"Yeah, and maybe that somebody is looking to relief a bit of stress by cutting up some low life wankers she's seeing right in front of her." Jarissa replied in an aggressive tone.

Connor and his boys let out a laugh, "Oh you and your little group of twats really crack me up, now if you'll excuse us the REAL heroes of the future have some training to do."

"Okay 'REAL' heroes." Jarissa replied sarcastically, "Why don't you put your sword where your mouth is Connor?"

"What are you talking about?" Asked Connor.

"I mean, why not instead of just talking the talk, why don't you walk the walk for once instead. After he's done with his melee training come down to the melee ring and we'll see who the better hero is in a sword dual." Replied Jarissa.

"Hmm...interesting, I get to train and bash this bloats skull in, well what do you say chum? You gonna face me or are you too much of a cowardly chicken?" Asked Connor.

The young boy nodded.

A smile came upon Connors face as his eyes narrow, "Alright, you have yourself a deal. I'll be there after his melee training session, hope you're ready little nutter." As they began to walk the other direction from the end of the bridge.

"That was pretty bold." Jarissa said as they continued to walk across the bridge to the melee ring, "I'll be honest, I didn't think you'd except his challenge, I was actually hoping you'd turn him down and I'd get to have a go at him in the ring, but I guess watching him get beat by you will still be pretty good."

The young boy and Jarissa approached the melee ring and saw their group trainer Sophia along with Ami and Kayma standing outside the stone fenced circle that was the melee ring.

"Finally!" Sophia said in a loud impatient tone, "There you are, been wondering where you were."

"Had to pry him out of bed Sophia." Jarissa replied.

"Figures and on his first day of Hero discipline training." Said Sophia.

"Oh, but I'm sure he'll give us good show, he's done quite nicely in his basic training." Kayma said

"Well, lets find that out, shall we? The rest of your group here has already done their melee exercises, but before you go in you'll need this." Said Sophia as she handed him an old rusty sword, "It's not much, but it'll do for starting out. Anyway lets get you in the ring then, come on, in you go." Said Sophie.

The young boy entered the melee ring through the wooden fence gate. As it closed, Sophia then reached into a large wooden crate filled with small purple bottles.

"This here is a summon creatures potion." As she held one of the purple bottles in her hand, "For your melee training I'm going to throw a few of these in the ring. Once the bottles break they will unleash a small group of creatures that you will fight. Now, for your first lesson I want you to strike the creatures with your sword. Here we go then."

She threw the purple bottle in the melee ring and as it shattered on the hard dirt ground, a cylinder shaped light appeared then faded revealing four giant beetles. The young boy unsheathed his sword quickly and had slain the beetles as he swung his sword swiftly through each of them one at a time. Although each beetle took a couple hits to kill, none of them were able to get a scratch on him.

"Very good!" Said Sophia impressed, "Now let's see if you can block their hits."

A second wave of giant beetles had appeared as she threw another summon creatures potion into the ring. The young boy began blocking each one of the beetles hits as they tried to bite him with their large pincers.

After about eight blocked hits Sophia shouted, "Excellent! Now finish them off with a flourish attack."

The young boy shuffled ten feet back from where the four beetles were hovering. He then widened his feet as he bent his knees and raised his sword upward angled down. As the beetles flew closer the young boy jumped up and did a three sixty spin in the air as he extended his sword out. He slashed through the beetles with the motion of the spin and killed them all with one hit.

"Outstanding! Great job!" Sophia said excitingly as his fellow trainees cheered and clapped.

"You see, I told he'd do good!" Kayma said proudly.

"Right you were Kayma." Sophia replied, "Now then, let's move onto the skill discipline."

"Hold on there Sophie!" Yelled Connor from a close distance as he approached the ring with his goons.

"What do you want Connor?" Asked Sophia in an annoyed tone as Connor got closer.

"I want a melee match with this sod, he agreed to a dual after his melee training. Hm, I'm surprised he's still standing, shame, I was hoping to see him bloodied up, but yet again then I wouldn't get the pleasure of doing that myself." Said Connor.

"We don't have time for this Connor, he's still got more training yet." Replied Sophia.

"We had a deal Sophie, besides it'll be quick. I'll go in there, beat him senseless, and we're done. I'm pretty sure you can wait a little." Said Connor.

Sophia rolled her eyes, "Fine, since you're so insistent have it your way."

"I think it'll be fine Sophie, it is still early in the day and it's about time someone put this wanker in his place. Hm, perhaps I should get next round with him." Said Jarissa as she looked toward Connor.

"Bring it girly! I'd be happy to batter you up too!" Connor snapped.

"Enough of this!" Kayma said as he raised his voice.

"He's right, enough is enough." Sophia said, "It'll be one round with Connor and the new guy, now lets stop bickering and get these two in the ring."

"Right." Said Connor, "Prepare for the pain little nutter."

Connor then swung over the fence and faced the young boy with his sword out.

Sophia then began to count down, "Here we go, on my mark, three, two, one, go!"

As their swords started to clash both groups of apprentice trainees were cheering them on. The young boy blocked a series of hits and after his recent block the young boy struck back quickly and slashed Connor across the shoulder. He gave a short painful grunt, but still kept swinging away after as the swords continued to clang together. The young boy then struck Conner repeatedly and then finished him with a flourish attack.

"Alright, that's enough." Shouted Sophia, "New guy wins! Great stuff!"

"What? Come on that was too short! Another go!" Said Connor irritatingly.

"You lost Connor, fair and square." Replied Sophia.

"Hey Connor, maybe you should stay in there and work on shutting your mouth for once now." Said Jarissa.

Connor's face lit up with rage, "Why don't you come in here and I could do the same for you!" He shouted.

"Alright you two, stop it." Sophia said firmly as she turned her attention to Connor, "Connor you had your match, now you and your lackeys go back to your trainer."

"Fine, the hell with the lot of you anyway." Connor said as he turned his attention to the young boy, "As for you, that was no more than beginners luck, you better still watch your back, otherwise I may just arrange a surprise second round match." He said as he began to walk out of the ring back to his brother and friends.

As they walked out of sight, the young boy had then stepped out of the ring, "Wow! you're getting really good at this and so quickly too." Said Ami.

"You my friend, are natural, great job!" Kayma complimented.

"That was impressive." Jarissa said, "I think maybe now that little wanker might close his mouth for once, if that's even possible, but nonetheless you're doing pretty damn good so far. But don't get a big head just yet, you still have skill training yet."

"Right you are Jarissa. Why don't you three follow me to the shooting range and Ami since I already know you're going to want to start Will training first you can just make your way to the Will area, I'll be there soon when I'm done with the young one." Said Sophia.

"Okay! Sure thing!" Said Ami excitingly as she eagerly started to make her way to the Will area.

"Actually, I think I'll stay here and continue to work on melee training, it is passion of mine after all." Said Kayma.

"Very well Kayma, just join in when you're ready." Said Sophia as she began to walk to the right of their direction where they were standing, "Come on lets go you two, to the shooting range."

As the young boy and Jarissa made their way to the shooting range Sophia then laid out three ranged weapons on a small wooden table just in front of the target area. There was a rusty looking flintlock pistol, a just as rusty looking flintlock rifle and a splintered crossbow.

"Alright, now we're going to begin skill training, but first go ahead and take your pick." Sophia said as she waved her hand over the ranged weapons, "These guns we just got in not too long ago actually, unfortunately it's not even in the Guilds budget to supply the more higher end ones to apprentices."

The young boy then picked up the crossbow.

"Ah, good pick, now lets get started." She said as she began to point out the straw dummy targets within the target area in front of them, "Okay, as you can see there are four vertically aligned targets at different distances from each other, if you'll just make your way to the fence here, I want you to shoot each one of the targets with your ranged weapon."

The young boy walked over to the fence that stood in front of the target area and began to shoot each one of the targets one at a time from closest to farthest with his crossbow.

"Very good, but now lets see how you do with moving targets. I'll time you to see how many you can hit within thirty seconds. Each one of these dummies is worth a certain amount of points, the farther the target you hit the more points it's worth. The clock will begin once you hit your fire your first shot." Sophia explained, "Alright, here we go." As she pulled a wooden lever built into the ground to the right of the young boy.

Each targets in front of him had then started to move steadily side to side throughout the width of the target area. The young boy took aim and began to fire his crossbow at each one of the moving dummies.

Thirty seconds had gone by until Sophia said, "Times up. Wow, great job! And not a target missed."

Jarissa folded her arms across her chest, "Hm, it was pretty good, but as Sophia here and everyone else knows I still hold the record high score."

"That you do Jarissa." Replied Sophia, "Hm, I wonder if this young lad can break that record." As she looked at him curiously.

"Ha! Oh come on Sophia, I don't think I'd push him that hard on his first day of discipline training." Jarissa said.

Sophia turned her attention to the young boy, "Well, it's up to you lad. If you're feeling lucky you can try to break Jarissa's record or we can just move onto Will training next."

The young boy decided to continue with Will training.

"Alright, if you change your mind you can always come back here to the shooting range. Lets make our way on over to the Will area then." Said Sophia as she started to walk away from the shooting range.

Jarissa had stayed behind and worked on her shooting as she began to fire her pistol at the moving targets. The young boy followed Sophia to the Will area on a stone pathway surrounded by spaces of grass. He noticed as they approached another bridge that the Will area was on a very small spit of land in the middle of the river that ran through the whole Guild property where a waterfall flowed down from a rock wall formation.

As he crossed the bridge that lead to the small spit of land he saw Ami casting streams of lighting at a bunch of straw dummies lined up along the edge of the land. Even in her apprentice outfit, Ami still had the most divine beauty in all of the Guild. There wasn't one male apprentice that didn't give a glance at her when she walked by, but she wasn't much of the social flirtatious type and had no interest in any of the boys in the Guild considering most were immature and deviant.

Ami then noticed the young boy and Sophia entering the area and ceased casting her lighting spell as she drew her attention to the two of them, "Oh there you are, I heard you did well on your skill training today. Great job!" She said toward the young boy.

"Yes he did, it's been a good first day of discipline training for him." Replied Sophia, "Now we're going to work on his Will training."

"Oh yes, of course. Go right ahead, I can wait." Said Ami.

"Thank you Ami." Said Sophia as she then turned to face the young boy, "Now then, first I want you to cast lightning at one of the dummies. Just put your arms out in front of you with your palm open and focus, feel the energy flow through you."

The young boy extended his arms out in front of him with his palms open facing one of the five dummies. His hands then began to glow light blue and in the blink of an eye a stream of lightning had struck the straw dummy.

"Good stuff! Now lets see how many you can hit in thirty seconds, go!" Said Sophia.

The young boy casted multiple streams of lightning one after another hitting each of the five dummies as the lightning flowed from his hands.

"Alright, you can stop now." Sophia said as the young boy then halted his lightning spell, "That was very impressive lad! And you've learned all three hero disciplines, I'd say that'll about do it for today. However, it takes a few more years to truly develop your skill set in each discipline, but I'm sure if you keep this up you and your group will be graduating before you know it. I'll see you bright and early same time tomorrow and try not to be late this time."

Sophia then exited the Will area and as she did Ami and the young boy started to exit as well a few moments later.

"The was really incredible." Ami said as they started to make their way across the bridge, "You really have quite a talent for this. I think you'll fit right in with us, of course anyone with a good sense of honor would fit in with our group, but unfortunately there's not much of those kind of people in here anymore."

When they reached the other side of the bridge they were rapidly approached by both Jarissa and Kayma running toward them.

"There you two are, come quick, something is happening!" Said Jarissa alarmingly with a worried look on her face.

"What's going on Jarissa?" Ami asked in a worried tone.

"The Guild shop keeper is being threatened by a visiting hero! Come on!" Jarissa replied.

Ami turned her head toward the young boy, "Come on, we better check it out." 

Jarissa and Kayma began to run back towards the Guild shop as the young boy and Ami followed. They ran closer to the main building and entered the Guild shop from the outside courtyard entrance that contained four ancient Hero tombs. As the four of them entered the archway to the shop it had already been crowded with loads of apprentices and staff.

"Can anyone see anything?" Asked Kayma.

"Yeah, it looks like the Hero has the shop keeper by the shirt." Said the young boy as he focused his sight.

Over the heads of the crowd that gathered they could see a tall built man almost as muscular as Kayma. He was suited in dark red chainmail armor from head to toe with a large steel clever sheathed across his back and had the shop keeper firmly grasped by the front of his shirt with a fearful look on the keepers face.

"Look chum! I'm not going to tell you again, I named my price, I gave you the gold, now give me the augment!" Said the Hero with a fierce tone.

"I already told you Torgo, you can't just name your price and take what you want, I already gave you a discount, I can't go any lower than that, please just let me go!" Replied the shop keeper.

Torgo threw the shop keeper against a nearby wall with great force as the shop keepers back hit against the wall and landed on his stomach severely hurt.

As the shop keeper moaned in great pain, Torgo unsheathed a steel flintlock pistol and pointed it down toward the shop keeper, "Looks like we're going to have to do this the hard way, last chance, give me the weapon augment." As he cocked back his pistol.

The shop keeper slowly lifted his head with a scared look. He turned to the crowd and as he look among everyone watching he heard a few voices egging on Torgo to shoot him. The shop keeper and the young boys eyes then met and as the shop keeper saw the compassionate look on the young boys face, he then saw the same look on Jarissa, Ami and Kayma who stood next to the young boy.

The shop keeper then looked back at Torgo and what became a fearful look turned to a firm look, "No!" The shop keeper replied in an assertive tone.

Then in just a blink of an eye Torgo pulled the trigger placing the shot right in his forehead as the shop keepers head lowered rapidly face first into the floor. With angered looks the young boy, Jarissa, and Kayma unsheathed their weapons as Ami's hands lit up with a blue glow prepping  to cast lightning. A few other apprentices in the crowd had done the same, but most just stood there.

"What? You all going to do something? Ha! You're nothing but apprentices, green horns, you're no match for me." Torgo said arrogantly.

Just then Markeniss approached from the map room entrance as he made his way through the crowd, "Lower your weapons, there is no need for that."

The young boy and his three companions put away their weapons along with the few other apprentices who had them out.

Markeniss observed the dead body of the shop keeper and looked up at the crowd again, "This was a simple case of an inferior disrespecting and disobeying his superiors. Each and every one of you in this room is determined to become one of these superiors one day such as Torgo here." As he briefly pointed to Torgo, "When the day comes when you are released into the world you begin to protect these inferior people from potential threats and in return they will give you their respect and gratitude whether they want to or not. And if they do not give you the respect and gratitude you deserve, you must show them whether by intimidation or force as to why you deserve it. We answer only to the new code of The Guild, respect us or fear us. Now I suggest you all clear the room and go back to what you were doing."

As Markeniss exited the room toward the map room the crowd had cleared and as Torgo left the same way Markeniss had left, he looked back over his shoulder at the young boy and the other three with a brief smug deviant look as he continued walking.

Later in the evening the four apprentices gathered in their room before bed as Jarissa was angrily pacing around with her blade staff. The young boy stood by his bedside as Kayma and Ami sat on theirs.

"It was just monstrous." Said Jarissa frustratingly, "How could Markeniss just let him walk like that? I should've done something, we all should have done something."

"There was nothing we could have done Jarissa." Said Kayma, "Markeniss, he is a mad man that does not care about Albion or its people. He believes the Heroes should rule over the land like tyrants and be entitled to anything they desire."

"That's not the Hero way." Jarissa replied, "My father and grandfather used to tell me stories of how the Guild used to be, about the Heroes of old, The Hero of Oakvale, Briar Rose, Whisper, Thunder, The Old Guildmaster Weaver, all of them were great Heroes, but now this is no longer the case. What we saw today is exactly what is happening more of outside this Guild."

"That poor man, he probably had a family, I can only imagine the pain they're suffering now..." Said Ami with a sad tone.

"I'd definitely bet on it Ami." Said Jarissa as she turned her attention to the young boy, "But did you see the way he was looking at you? The way he looked at us? Something tells me he saw something in us that he didn't see among any other apprentice in the room. I think he realized we're one of the few who still actually care for the people of Albion."

"That he did know." Kayma said, "And when the day comes when we graduate, we shall show the people of Albion there are still caring Heroes out there, that I do promise you will happen."

"Yes, it will, but until then I hope I never have to see anything like what happened today ever again while we're still here." Jarissa stated.

"I hope so too." Said Ami.

"Me as well." Kayma said afterward, "But for now lets all get rest and continue to focus on training."

Jarissa let out a sigh of relief, "You're right Kayma, lets just try and sleep it off for now, goodnight."

"Goodnight everyone." Kayma said as he turned his head toward the young boy, "And once again, very impressive day today. I look forward to training more with you."

"Yes, you were quite amazing today." Said Ami.

"Alright, lets not get him too confident now." Said Jarissa as she prepared to lay down on her bed, "You did good today, better than I thought you would at least. I'm glad to train beside you, now lets just get to bed, I'm still a bit flustered from today."

The four of them had then dimmed their bedside candles and fell asleep.

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