Bluejay Lionheart
The Quiet Giant
From Falcon's Flock by Garry Damrau
Biographical information
Species Archon
Gender Male
Relatives Father: Falcon Lionheart



This is the tale of Bluejay Lionheart, the giant of the Lionheart family. He is both kind and battle hearted. Being the middle brother of Hawk and Eagle, he was often alone. And being a half brother to the both of them didn't help either. Actually he has no full siblings. His mother was a close friend of Page, and was a great sword fighter. So basically Falcon meets her in battle, falls in love for that night, and you got a baby Bluejay.

Anyway he has a history of being alone out of all his siblings. He's the quiet giant. Now he is at Eagle's side chasing the hooded man. Bluejay wields a giant axe, and is the only one who fought Eagle and won. He isn't like Hawk who fought Eagle 237 times (1 win to Hawk, 236 wins to Eagle) he only fought him 4 times (2 wins Bluejay 2 wins Eagle). Bluejay has come to the conclusion that he is a tool. He has the blood of a hero, and he thinks it makes him a tool, a tool used to kill. Even if he has feelings, he quickly blocks them out now. He is still kind but shows no emotion to anything.


Huge, muscular, brown wavy hair, kind, and alone.

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