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From Fable: The Last Hero by Canes4ever
Physical information
Continent Albion
Nation Albion
Region Deepgorge
Status Active
Controlled by Reaver Industries
Leader Unknown

Bastion is a major town featured in Fable: The Last Hero.


Bastion was founded as a result of Albion's Industrial Revolution, the town being built during the reign of the Hero of Brightwall shortly before his departure for Samarkand. Being a town reliant upon industry, the settlement was quickly taken over and monopolized by Reaver Industries after the Hero's venture, as the King's absence had enabled Reaver to wrest control of the company from Ernest Faraday once again. By the events of Fable: The Journey, the village was thriving in the canyons of Deepgorge. However, during that time period, the Corruption visited the city, slaughtering its populace and destroying its buildings. It would take nearly 50 years, but the town eventually rebuilt itself and became even larger than it once was.


Located on the walls of the canyon of Deepgorge, Bastion is home to a multitude of mines and factories, which are worked by the locals. Nearby is Reaver's Reach, also known as the Albion Way, where people cross over to or from the Edgelands daily.


Bastion's main source of funds is industry, depending upon the natural resources found in the mines of Deepgorge. The town has also ventured into the commercial sect, opening shops such as a tavern, blacksmith, general store, and even a brothel (owned and operated by Reaver Industries).


Law enforcement is handled by the Albion Royal Army. Like most guards in Albion at the time of Fable: The Last Hero, they are corrupt and willing to accept bribery, making crime a serious problem in the region.

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