Another Nightmare
Series Abandoned by Skyward.Sarah
Chapter 1
Writer Skyward.Sarah
Chapter Chronology
Previous None
Next A Birthday Secret
None Chapter Chronology A Birthday Secret

A child's Screams filled the crisp night. "Shh, shh, baby. Don't cry." The Mother tried to comfort her child, but the screams just got louder. Rain beat down on the mother and child. Thunder clapped and the child cried harder. The mother came to a giant building. With a Sigh she set the baby on the ground in front of the door. "You'll be safe here, my child." The mother pounded heavily on the door and ran. The child screamed and cried and she watched her mother run. An elderly man pushed opened the door to find the child squirming in her blanket. Sympathy took over the old man. He reached down and picked up the child. "Welcome home, young Hero." The child stopped crying and smiled at the old man.

I jolted up right. I wiped away the sweat that beaded on my forehead and tried to steady my breath. Every night for as long as I could remember, I have had the same nightmare. I knew exactly who the child was. Me. My mother abandoned me here at the Heroes Guild when I was only a few months old. The Guild Master raised me as his own, he was the closest thing to a parent I had.

Growing up in the guild wasn't so bad. From a young age I showed potential of being a great Hero. Over the years, I met many Heroes, all of which took a great liking to me. I loved hearing the Heroes tell stories of Albion. I longed to go on an adventure myself.

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