Angela Fairfax
From Lucien: A Tale Of... by Lordofwar97
Biographical information
Species Human
Gender Female
Relationships Richard: Husband

Ellie: Daughter
Alden: Son
Lucien: Son

Status Deceased

Angela Fairfax was the wife of Richard Fairfax and mother of EllieAlden, and Lucien Fairfax.



She wasn't well known till she found Richard, a well renown member of the Fairfax family. They fell in love and had three children: a daughter named Ellie and two sons named Alden and Lucien. They were a happy family together. It was till then that she received the news of Ellie's tragic death that she became heartbroken and mourned for her loss. She help comforted Lucien, who'd been traumatized by her death, and spent more time with him instead of Alden. She ran in with Richard to break up Alden's vain effort to smother Lucien to death in his bed. Alden criticized to both his mother and father how they spent more time with Lucien and have neglected him. They ignored this and sent Alden up to his room. The following day when Alden escaped, Angela felt even worse. When the guards officiated the disappearance of their son, Angela went into deep sorrow and depression. She couldn't hold the fact that two of her own children left her world. She eventually died from complications of grief and depression three months later. 


She is easy to be prone to joy and happiness but could as well easily get her sad and depressed, especially in a family crisis like the tragedies of Alden and Ellie.

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