Alois Val Grey
Created by Alois Val
Featured in Yes
Appears in Fable, Fable II, Fable III
Biographical information
Species Human
Gender Male
Faction Snowspire
Relatives Unknown
Relationships Elvira Grey (wife)
Enemies Elvira Grey (before death), King Logan (after death), Inquisitor Franze
Home Snowspire (Born, as Lord), Bowerstone (as Mayor), Fairfax Crypts (after death)
Status Alive (undead)


Average width and somewhat tall, narrow although defined jaw, with crystalline silver eyes and snow white hair, with a matching pale complexion.


Born in the wintry town of Snowspire as Lord of House Zima, he had enjoyed life in what he described as a "white paradise" and in this cold discovered Snowspire to be "the only place where I felt warm". Later in life he married Lady Elvira Grey after the Hero of Oakvale was evicted from the Bowerstone Manor after attempting to usurp the Mayor, and later after plotted Lady Grey's death at the hands of witch-spotters only to be also hunted and killed a decade later by Inquisitor Franze. However thanks to the Mask of Jack of Blades' falling into his possession after the Hero of Oakvale killed Jack, he managed to use the magic within to sustain himself and become a veritable wraith, but managed to retain his mortal form with the Mask's power. Centuries later he attempted to revive Lady Grey disguised as the Bowerstone Cemetery gravekeeper and succeeded thanks to the Hero of Bowerstone. For several decades he lived secretly in Snowspire, almost frozen in the past, until war ships came from Bowerstone under King Logan, forcing him to retaliate and hunt him down. At first he intended to simply assassinate the King, but when he realized how much Albion had changed he was forced to modernize and adapt to a strange new world. When the Hero of Brightwall overturned King Logan's regime he decided the threat was over and returned to Snowspire, only to discover the real Darkness from Aurora would inevitably encroach on his Winter paradise. Therefore he secretly assisted the Royal Bowerstone Army by fighting on the front, fully aware his immortality would keep him alive, although not perhaps one piece. When the Darkness left Albion he returned to Snowspire, and he and Lady Grey continued to rule Snowspire, a city that had grown very used to their immortal masters.


Calm, quiet, shy, though intellectual but prone to suspicion and vindictiveness.

Weapon SpecialtyEdit

--Nodachi (long katana) from the Far East --Uchigatana (normal katana) --Pistols (after arriving to Bowerstone) --Magic (particularly necromancy and cryomancy).

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