Alden Fairfax
Created by Lordofwar97
From Lucien: A Tale Of... by Lordofwar97
Biographical information
Species Human
Gender Male
Relatives Richard Fairfax :father

Angela Fairfax :mother
Ellie Fairfax :sister
Lucien Fairfax :brother

Enemies Lucien Fairfax
Status Unknown. Presumed dead, possibly alive

Alden Fairfax, or commonly Alden, is the brother of Lucien Fairfax and Ellie. He was born to Angela Fairfax and Richard Fairfax, Lucien's mother and father. However, due to intense tensions between his parents and brother, he ran away from Castle Fairfax and has never been found since. It is unknown whether he is alive or dead. 


Born to Richard and Angela Fairfax, Alden is the older brother of Lucien. Little is known about Alden, he's suggested to be a capable fighter as he carried a sword and crossbow on the night of escaping Fairfax Castle. After the murder of Lucien's sister, Ellie, Richard and Angela Fairfax comforted Lucien more throughout his depression and spent more time with him, creating jealousy for Alden. One evening, he used this jealousy by attempting to murder Lucien in his sleep but his parents intervined. He blames his parents for not acknowledging him as a son, but instead was sent to bed by his father. He made a plan almost immediately to escape Fairfax Castle taking with him money, a sword, and a crossbow and made an escape through the dark snowy evening. Angela discovered Alden missing from bed and Richard called for a search party. They searched all throughout Bowerstone Old Town and encountered a young boy who said that he hasn't seen him run through. He goes far as to saying that it was "for his own good" and "the best for him and his family". The boy threw a locket on the ground before running through the dark alleys of Bowerstone. 


He's adventurous as suggested to escaping and having possessed a sword and crossbow and jealousy for not having attention for too long. 

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