Albion Royal Family
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From The Queen of Blades Collection by Yorkieboy91
Rulers of Albion
Leader(s) Kings and Queens
Founder(s) William Black (House of Archon)

Sparrow Lionheart (House of Lionheart)

Kathrine Silver-Fur (House of Silver-Fur)

Affiliation The Blacksmith Family


Headquarters Bowerstone Castle
Purpose To Serve, Govern and Protect the people of Albion and it's Empire
Status Active

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House of Archon 2000-3000BMEEdit

William Black: The first Archon of the Old Kingdom of Albion ruled untill he vanished. He is the only Archon whos name is well known even during the time of the Hero of Oakvale and Hero of Bowerstone.

House of Lionheart 1828-1896Edit

Sparrow Lionheart 1795-1868: Sparrow Lionheart ruled Albion from 1828ME untill his death in 1868ME. He was the founder of the Lionheart Family and a direct decendant of William Black.

Logan Lionheart 1847-1878: Sparrow Lionheart's eldest son ruled Albion from 1868ME untill he was dethroned and replaced by his younger brother Henry in 1874ME.

Henry Lionheart 1852-1895: Sparrow Lionheart's youngest son ruled Albion from 1874ME untill his death in 1895ME.

Mary Lionheart 1896: The only child of Henry Lionheart was crowned in January of 1896ME and was dethroned in March.

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