A Boy Ready to Become a Man
A Boy Ready to Become a Man
A young boy goes on a journey to become a man
Series Fable: The Pirate's Era by Awesomekid120
Chapter Prologue
Writer Malachi J. Martin
Editor(s) Cheepstakes
Chapter Chronology
Previous None
Next The Pirate's Life
None Chapter Chronology The Pirate's Life

A Boy Ready to Become a Man is the prologue to the novel Fable: The Pirate's Era

A Boy Ready to Become a ManEdit

His name is Edward Wing a former pirate turned hero, this story will tell you not only how Albion was saved, but also how the young man was turned from selfish man to selfless hero.

"We are done" he said

"Done?" Edward said, heavily sweating.

"Yes, I have trained you and educated you to my maximum point" The Man said.

"So we have finished training master?" Edward asked.

"We are done, here take this money it should suffice, I won't need it since I am travelling to Aurora next" The Man replied.

"I guess this is farewell master...Will I ever see you again?" Edward asked sounding slightly sad.

"Probably not, no but in a way I will always be with you, In here" The Man said pointing to Edward's heart.

The Man then vanished leaving Edward on his own, it was Edward's 20th birthday and what a surprise that was. Edward Wing had no family, no friends and The Man was most likely the only person he considered family since he trained him from the age of 6. Edward always had a craving to travel the sea, and also wanted to benefit in gold, glory and women and what better to do that was to be a pirate. So Edward took the money The Man gave him and spent it on building his own ship, he called it The Lupus. As Edward was waiting for the ship to be built, Edward went around Albion trying to recruit seamen, eventually the day before the ship was built, Edward promised 148 men that they would receive gold after every sea battle.

The next day the ship was finally built, Edward and the crew finally took The Lupus for a test drive, she proved a good ship and now Edward was ready to take the next step into a new life.

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